Entrance Design

Our goal is to give you more than what you were expecting.  Are you looking for the typical ranch style house or an upscale luxury home?  We offer options that give you the most usable space in your desired square foot budget. When you partner with SHD, you get years worth of structural experience. Once preliminary plans are complete, we immediately check the structural parameters to ensure they are structurally sound and easy to build. There is no reason that a  plan cannot be beautiful and unique while keeping its structural integrity!


It is important we visit your site to determine the proper orientation for the New House Plan.  This also helps us address important items like ensuring bedrooms are on the west, common areas have windows facing the most desirable view and privacy issues are solved.  More than anything we want to maximize your view, functionality and comfort.


We will include you in all detailed oriented discussions on window types, roof options, ceiling heights, exterior finishes and the type of construction options (masonry construction, wood frame, possibly SIPS panels? etc...) Coffered ceilings, Custom Kitchen design, Fireplace build-outs, Unique Stairs, Personalized Master Baths and trim in all of the right places: details in the finishing touches give your house the unique features that will make your home special!


Experienced in all of the local Tampa Bay municipalities, we are consistently up to date with the latest codes and make it our goal to design in a way that will minimize future insurance rates.


Services available for New Tampa Bay Home Design:

  • On-site Consultation

  • Check Zoning Requirements and Setbacks

  • Preliminary Plans & Elevations

  • New House Plans ready for Permit and Bidding

  • Create Specifications

  • Five sets of plans included (3 Signed and Sealed by Registered Architect)

  • Send New House Plans out to 3 builders (minimum) for pricing

  • New House Plans guaranteed to receive a permit!

  • Review Bids and Contract

  • Inspections throughout Construction

  • Inspection of existing home for suggested upgrades


"The plans look really great and we’re absolutely thrilled!!!! Thank you!" SZ of Tampa, FL 2019

Why have a plan?

"People ask me why my tagline is "You've got to have a plan!". Let's look at what might happen if you don't have a plan. Let's say you decide to build an addition without plans or a permit. You need to hire plumbers, electricians etc.. They hear you don't have a permit so may decide to not have inspections done. Then one day the property appraiser comes out to update the plan of your house and they see this new addition. That gets reported to the building department. The building department visits, gives you a fine, and orders you to get plans after the fact to prove the addition was built to code. Now you've got to hire an architect to draw the plans and figure out how it was built. To find out how it was built, the building department requires cutting out drywall to get a look at the wiring and plumbing, remove the drywall ceiling to see the roof was attached properly etc.... At this point, you have an addition that was not inspected and therefore may not be to code, you've paid a fine for not having plans, and now have to pay for plans- but after the fact which is much more expensive. Compared to all that trouble, the cost of getting a permit is so minimal and the value of knowing it was done to code is so important that I guess its true- You've gotta have a plan!"



Lee Curtis